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Shampoo This shampoo was specially developed for the thorough cleaning of secondary hair and is suitable for artificial and human hair as well as for own hair. It guarantees the lasting liberation of dirt and a perseverant freshness. For optimal care of the second hair shampoo is recommended [...]


Balsam Effective protection and gentle care are provided by the balm produced especially for secondary hair. This promotes a healthy and soft hair structure and ensures easy combing of the hair. In addition, the balm has a moisturizing and color-stabilizing effect. Application: First, the balm is placed [...]


Conditioner The daily use of conditioner on second hair is used for strengthening and UV protection of the hair fibers. Here, the conditioner gives the hair natural shine and smoothness of the elasticity. You can either print or label the conditioner bottles with your own logo and [...]


Detangler Dislocated and matted hair can be solved with the help of the detangler. Especially with medium to long hair this facilitates the combability and the elasticity of the hair structure. You can either print or label the Detangler bottles with your own logo and design. [...]


Remover The main function of Remover is the gentle detachment and removal of adhesive residue on the body and the scalp. At the same time it acts as a cleaner by degreasing the scalp and ensures a secure fit of the hairpiece. Application: After applying the Remover [...]


Formspray The formspray is specially produced for the reliable stabilization of the hairstyle. It offers comfortable, medium-strength hold without any gluing and is easy to brush out. You can either print or label the Formspray bottles with your own logo and design. The TP-formspray is available in [...]